• Jack Kirby and Paul Reinman X-Men #4 Splash Page Original Art 1964

X-Men #4: Original Art Splash, Page 1 - Jack Kirby, 1964 // SOLD: $132,000.00 in 2020

The only page from this issue ever to come on the market. Kirby only did full pencils (as opposed to breakdowns) for the first ten issues of this title, so there are very few fully-penciled splashes in circulation. And having the whole team in the danger room is an ideal motif. A very cool bonus appears on the back of the page: handwritten prototype names (by Kirby we presume) for the Scarlet Witch (Witch Woman, Jinx, the Sorceress, and quite a few others), who made her first appearance later in the issue. 

The piece has an image area of 12.5" by 19". It's ink over graphite on Bristol board.