• Dave Gibbons Watchmen #1 Cover Original Art 1986
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Watchmen #1: Original Cover Art - Dave Gibbons, 1986 // SOLD: $228,000.00 in 2019

One of the most iconic and influential comic series of the 1980's was Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen. Truly ground-breaking, the series had an effect on the industry that is still felt to this day. 

The first bold and striking image for the entire series was the cover of the first issue. Simple in concept and design, it was evocative of the story being told, and like the pages of the story itself, it hid several secrets.

Dave Gibbons used symbolism in this work in both bold and subtle ways. The drip of blood on the smiley face button is evocative of the hands of a clock striking 12, as "time running out" was a recurrent theme of the entire series. This cover image was reflected in many ways throughout the entire series. The blood on the smiley face was not just bold juxtaposition, as once the secret of exactly who owned the bloody button comes to light, it sets off the entire chain of events that drives the series. 

With DC expanding on the Watchmen universe and HBO releasing their Watchmen TV series, we have seen a resurgence of fan interest in this storied title. A true bit of comic book history, crafted in ink over graphite on DC Sparta cover stock Bristol board with an image area of 9.75" x 15". The logo and DC bullet are a stat paste-up. It is matted with the original colour work which was produced in colour dyes on a blue line print of the artwork with a black printed acetate overlay. The image area of the colour work is 7.75" x 12". They are glass front framed to 28" x 27" and in Excellent condition.