• Secret Wars #8 Story Page 25 Black Costume Original Art 1984

Secret Wars #8: Original Art Story Page 25 - Mike Zeck, 1984 // SOLD: $3,360,000.00 in 2022

This page was the big reveal, where Peter Parker actually got his new black costume. But very soon turns out to be alive and have its own agenda. This is the origin of the character Venom.

The costume first appeared months earlier when characters from this series returned to the Earth. But there was no explanation for Spider Man's new costume. Until this page seven months later.

Professor X, Captain America, Mr. Fantastic, the Hulk, and Thor are in the last panel also. But it's really all about that huge splash panel costume reveal. There were three inkers on this issue, so it is unclear which one(s) worked on this page. John Beatty, Jack Abel, and Mike Esposito. 

Ink over graphite on Bristol board with an image area of 10" x 15". The lower corners are trimmed, and the paste-up "continued..." strip is missing. Very light toning and in Excellent condition.