• Rich Buckler GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #14 1976 COVER Original Art

Marvel Presents - Guardians Of The Galaxy #6: Original Cover Art - Rich Buckler, 1976

THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY would go on to become one of the most successful franchises in the history of popular culture. This is a unique opportunity to own one of their first appearances, in their original line-up of CHARLIE-27, YONDU, VANCE ASTRO, NIKKI and MARTINEX.

This ground-breaking Bronze Age cover is drawn by Rich Buckler, the legendary American comic book artist, best known for his work on Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four in the mid-1970's and for creating the character Deathlok in Astonishing Tales #25. Buckler drew virtually every major character at Marvel and DC, often as a cover artist.

The quality of the work needs to be seen to be believed, and will be a stunning addition to any collection or portfolio of investments. 

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