• CC Beck CAPTAIN MARVEL #5 1941 Page9 Original Art

Captain Marvel Adventures #5: Original Art, Story Page 9 - C.C. Beck, 1941

C.C. Beck was a Golden Age artist most closely associated with the original CAPTAIN MARVEL at Fawcett Comics, before the character even arrived at DC, where he's subsequently become one the most important assets in their cinematic universe.

This stunning C.C. Beck 1941 artwork is a page from the story CAPTAIN MARVEL'S DOUBLE TROUBLE. It pretty much includes everything you could want from a Captain Marvel page, include Billy Batson's transformation. The fantastic, bold page composition also speaks to a true visionary in the medium. 

In this wonderful piece C. C. Beck spotlights his creation, CAPTAIN MARVEL, the biggest-selling comic character of the Golden Age, and one of the most popular fictional characters in the world today.

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