The Felber Gallery is a unique arts and investment platform dedicated to the masterpieces of comic-book art, and its artists. The women and men who dreamed, designed and drew by hand, the images that would to a great extent, form the basis of today’s visual culture.

A boutique brand purposed around this rapidly expanding market with contributions from press and industry insiders. We also offer a curated selection of pieces to purchase for those investing, collecting or simply wanting to own a thing of beauty and cultural importance.

Established in 2024, The Felber Gallery was designed as an expression of shared passion in the art form. At the turn of last century the outsider art of the expressionists and cubists drew in from the peripheries to become the centre of western culture. Today we are seeing the underground art of comic-books making that same transition. These are artists whose influence on every aspect of our society can not be underestimated. The impact of their work can be seen in every corner of our culture from fashion to architecture. From painting to cinema. From design to the internet. These artists are in the visual DNA of the 21st Century. Therefore the original pieces of comic-book art by Ditko, Kirby and Moebius are as unique and important as any canvas by Picasso, Matisse or Klimt.

Whilst a trend in Film and Television many have accelerated the process, the prices for these original pieces have been escalating for decades. As underground culture has become the dominant global culture, so the giants of this underground are finally being recognised as great artists of our times. Their most important pages, some of our era's masterpieces.

The Felber Gallery offers a lens into the market, as well as a white-glove service for those looking for new ways to express their passion for the world of comic-books. Whether you are looking to own a piece of history, for an investment, a gift or just a beautiful piece of art for your home or office, we are here to help. 

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